Human & Dog:
  • 15 mins $35.00
  • 30 mins $60.00
Dog Only:
  • 15 mins $20.00
  • 30 mins $35.00
Human Only:
  • 15 mins $20.00
  • 30 mins $35.00

Millions of dogs are killed every year in shelters and rescue organizations  that come from homes where the owners never thought to train or socialize their dogs.

Puppy training is vital to a happy and healthy dog.  It is never too old to train and/or socialize your dog.  Remember the spoken language is not understood by dogs until it is taught to them.  Dogs communicate with body language and then learn what you are saying by putting two and two together.  Speak less and use body language more...

Why to do Dog Training:

  1. So your dog does not end up in a shelter or rescue
  2. Communication amongst dogs have to be clear and simple
  3. So you can take your dog anywhere in public you want
  4. Instill confidence in your dog
  5. And to have fun

Pack Walks

Pack walks occur from April - August once a week on Wednesday nights.

Each pack walk has a certified trainer on hand along with a non-certified trainer.  We are here to help you develop proper walking techinques and learn how to control your dog.


$20.00 per walk


5  for  $75.00



Some owners and some dogs strive better in a private setting for training.  Work on specific issues you are having and/or learn the same things that you would in a group class.



for 5 Lessons 



Group lessons  occur from April - September once a week on Sunday's at 10:00 am.

Group lessons are 4 weeks long and we will go over all basic commands and distractions.



for 4  Lessons